Coastal Lamb

Richard and Suze Redmayne from 'Tunnel Hill' launched the brand Coastal Spring Lamb in 2010. Today, 'Tunnel Hill' and a select group of 12 family farms on the North Island’s west and east coasts - including Lyndi and David at Waikiwi - produce lambs for Coastal Spring Lamb® and Coastal Lamb®.

Coastal Spring Lambs are some of the first spring lambs born in New Zealand each year. They are sold exclusively throughout New Zealand at New World supermarkets along with selected Pak’nSave and Four Square stores from mid-October through until the end of January each year. They are also exported to Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, China, and Thailand and sold through a renowned food service company to hotels and restaurants.

Coastal Lamb was launched in early 2015 and is available from February thru to the end of September each year, to provide a 12-month supply of lambs for our export customers.

Both Coastal Spring Lamb® and Coastal Lambs are tender, succulent and full of flavour. The secret lies in the pasture the lambs are raised on, which is lush ryegrass mixed with clovers and herbs – and naturally seasoned by the sea. Coastal Spring Lamb and Coastal Lamb are all about providing a very real connection between the families who produce the lambs and the customer.

As farmers we’re proud to produce consistent, succulent, tender lamb that’s 100% pasture fed – for customers who like to know where their food comes from.