Lamb Finishing

Lamb finishing commenced on Waikiwi to complement the summer maize growing enterprise. From finishing 2500 lambs per year between April - October, Waikiwi now finishes up to 15,000 lambs each winter. All lambs have been sold to Coastal Lamb exclusively since 2015. Lambs are all purchased with full traceability, and are antibiotic free.

After Maize silage harvesting in March, an annual rye grass is sown to finish lambs throughout the winter. Waikiwi views grazing lambs as a way to complement the cropping program by preserving soil structure throughout the winter months. Lambs are now grazed on perennial rye grass during the winter months to sustain some of the heavier soil types. Recent investment in infrastructure has provided sound monitoring of lamb performance to provide a premium lamb to Coastal Lamb.